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Did you know that many restaurants are dangerously loud? Some restaurants can even be in violation of OSHA - for more information, click here. For information on noise issues within a restaurant, click here.

You could be getting more than you bargained for when visiting your favorite eatery. Think about your last dining experience. Did you have to raise your voice to carry on a conversation? Were you distracted or annoyed by the overpowering hum that seemed to hang heavy in the air? While many restaurant owners believe that a boisterous and busy atmosphere is part of the ambiance and charm, they could be putting their employees and patrons at risk…not to mention their bottom line.

For the Restaurant Patron
Do you ever wonder why restaurants are so loud or if anything can be done to curb the noise so that you can enjoy your meal and your company? When you visit a restaurant, does the nature of the atmosphere impact your overall experience? Visit Acoustics.com to find out more about the dangers of loud environments.

You may also want to read "The Importance of Acoustics in Restaurants: Do You Want Earplugs with Your Soup?" to learn more.

For the Restaurant Owner/Designer
Are you concerned about the integrity of your bottom line? What about the health and safety of your employees and patrons? There are numerous benefits to designing an acoustically correct restaurant, including:

· Reduced number of wrong orders due to miscommunications
· OSHA compliance
· Customers focus on the food rather than the chatter

Designing an acoustically correct restaurant without compromising the desired atmosphere is easier than you might think. The most important factor is to do so in the design phase when solutions are easily implemented and options are plentiful. Waiting until the kitchen is hustling and the customers are chomping makes it much more difficult to achieve the desired effect, not to mention the business disruption. Visit Acoustics.com for tips on designing an acoustically correct restaurant, common concerns and information on suitable products and materials.

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